Earn money collecting & sharing links — easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Easily save links with your notes via our chrome extension, firefox addon, safari web extension, web site, or android mobile app or iOS mobile app.

2. Use our tools to easily pick & choose links from your collection to share via your newsletter or blog.

3. Turn on subscriptions and get paid for the links you share with your Halfbite subscribers!

Halfbite for creators

Save & Share Links. Earn Money.

Step 1: Install One of Our Bookmarking Tools

Install the Chrome extension, the Firefox add on, or the Safari web extension to simplify your process of saving links with notes.

Step 2: Publish Links to Your Blog or Newsletter

When you're ready to share your saved links simply select the links from your Halfbite dashboard, copy them into your clipboard, and then paste them into your publishing tool of choice!

Step 3: Turn on subscriptions for your Halfbite followers

Turn on subscriptions within Halfbite and earn money from your followers.

Halfbite for consumers

Follow, Consume & Subscribe. Get all the best content.

Step 1: Follow

Follow the people you find interesting and who share the kind of thoughts & content you're interested in.

Step 2: Consume

Read the thoughts of those you follow and all the articles they are sharing & finding interesting as well!

Step 3: Subscribe

Subscribe to your favorite collectors and be the first to see everything they collect and share — including their "for subscribers only" links & notes!

Halfbite pricing & subscriptions

Free. For everyone.