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Coach Wizard

"The go to resource for the busy amateur coach"

Coach Wizard simplifies amateur coaching so you spend less time & energy preparing to coach and more time with your athletes, actually coaching.

visit coachwizard.com

Color Tap

An addictive mobile game.

Tap the colors in the grid that match the colors at the top of the screen. Collect and use specials to achieve higher levels and earn even more scores. Compete to become the King of color tap!

visit colortapapp.com

Conversation List

Get your first users & customers.

Conversation List makes it insanely easy to build email lists from your actual email history.

visit conversationlist.com

Football Mania

Football you play with your voice!

Football Mania is a game of strategy and skill that includes kickoffs, basic offense and defense, as well as punts, field goals, interceptions, fumbles, sacks and many of the other exciting things you've come to know and love about the game of football.

Add the Football Mania skill for Alexa

Math Mania

A simple math game for the Amazon Echo.

The Echo asks you math problems, and you provide the answers. It’s starts with basic addition and gets progressively harder as you level up. You level up, and earn points, by providing correct answers. How many can you get right? How long of a streak can you build?

Add the Math Mania skill for Alexa

Memory Mania

A simple memory game for the Amazon Echo.

The Echo gives you sequences to remember, and you repeat them. There are a variety of game modes including numbers, letters, colors, animals, alpha-numeric, or for the ultimate challenge you can play an 'everything' mode. You earn points by providing the correct sequence. How many can you remember? How long of a streak can you build?

Add the Memory Mania skill for Alexa

Token Together

Giving crypto currency just got easier.

Token Together is a simple bot for helping collect donations via the Token Browser app.

visit tokentogether.com


A free-roaming, text-only, game of imagination.

txtGame is a web and mobile application inspired by old school, text based, adventure and puzzle games.

read the initial blog post · visit txtgame.net

Word Mania

A simple word game for the Amazon Echo.

A simple word game. The Echo provides a clue and you try to guess the right word.

Add the Word Mania skill for Alexa

Currently in the deadpool, but at one time or another we also built...

APPSiGOT, draftwizard.com, friendstat.us, fubnub.com, gametimeplay.com, gawk.it, greentile.com, halfbite.com, herobrawl.com, instapaperfeed.com, pu.ly, rosterhelp.com, santahelp.me, statsfeed.com, supermug.com, turfd.com, uridata.com, whotoget.com, and wow.ly.

Dig Down Labs LLC was founded by Kevin Marshall (a.k.a Falicon) in 2014 with the primary idea of building small, focused, apps and services. It doesn't have a mission statement, but basically operates with this idea in mind.

Kevin blogs at falicon.com and has a day job as CTO of Veritonic. You can also check out some of his open source code on GitHub or connect with him on Twitter @falicon or via email at kevin at digdownlabs.com.